February 2020 From the Rectory

The world it seems is changing – fast! People constantly say to me, ‘I don’t understand what is happening ’and ‘if only we can just go back to doing/being/having like we used to do.’ There never is, however any going back. There never has been in reality, ever since the Big Bang the universe continues to move ahead from epoch to epoch. For us, our span of maybe 85 years seems like a forever time giving the impression that what is has always been. Our parish churches, however remind us of something else. If you walk in and stop you will see change all around, different shaped windows, an add on isle maybe, pews, organs – all new new-fangled things. Pews from the 1800s, windows from the 14th, 15th, 19th centuries; in architecturally different epochs.

Very few of us like lots of change, big changes, but they are happening now. The climate is changing, the political world is changing, the way we live in and construct society is changing – how can we cope? Big change is not so much a problem as it is a condition. Problems can be solved but conditions have to be lived with; have to be learnt to live with. Learning takes a certain attitude, a childlike openness to question, to explore, to discover the what and wherefore.

It is appalling how past generations took the call of Jesus for his followers to regain their ‘inner child’ attitude to life and used it for power and control. Jesus was doing what he does best, giving direction to humanity on how to navigate through life for equitable flourishing and possibility. There is no going back to other times – environmentally, politically, socially, but if we would learn, if we regain our ‘inner child’ to explore, question, discover, then we will cope with the change that is here and coming soon. 2020 will be a year of big changes, may we look to learn and be changed ourselves to ways of flourishing and potential for life – trust me that is the way of Jesus!

 Blessings, Bruce

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