Churches Opening after Covid-19 Lockdown

The UK Government has made it possible for places of worship in England to open for ‘Supervised Private Prayer’ and for small funerals from Saturday 13th June 2020. This is, however subject to tight restrictions on access to buildings and requires both supervised social distancing and concerns for wider public health be met at all times. The first step in the process is to undertake and extensive Risk Assessment followed by clearing, cleaning, and demarking building space for use; all of this is contextual to the size and type of building. Further, restrictions exist in line with vulnerable groups on who might undertake to supervise open times. The church councils of the benefice are presently undertaking the required works and should it be possible to open and operate we will do so and publish here the days and times.

At this time of writing all churches remain closed for public worship and for weddings. Concerns have emerged from across Europe and South East Asia that places of worship are ‘epicentres of second wave infection spikes’ for the Covid-19 virus.

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