October ‘From the Rectory’

‘Just what is the truth?’

There is no getting away from the fact that ‘truth’ matters for humans, just as much as does love, grace and mercy when it comes to our inherent nature as relational beings. When any of these values is challenged it gives rise to confusion and insecurity. When in society these values are diminished or removed, well we become lesser human beings.   This age seems to be a battle ground for the truth, it seems that it is now a virtue, certainly for those in society’s servant roles to avoid being truthful at every opportunity. This isn’t to say people are lying but that the avoidance of truth is now an accepted currency in society. St Paul reminded the early Christians that truth was as essential a part of their value system as a belt was to a Roman soldier. And so it remains today for our everyday lives and for how our nation relates to others in the world; without a belt, well your trousers fall down and you get caught out – ‘the truth will out’. Trousers fallen about the ankle inhibits the ability to journey in any direction and results in ridicule.

Whatever the outcome of the political processes of the coming months may we insist that truth is spoken, otherwise we will not be able to journey into any shape of future and will be an international laughing joke as we stand there with our trousers down and our pants on view to all and sundry. Lying, being fast with the truth, is not and never will be virtuous, so let’s insist on the truth, in the press, in parliament, in all of our relationships across society as a whole.  

 Blessings, Bruce

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