December 2019 from the Rectory

They say the older you get the more the magic of Christmas disappears. I say ‘really, is that true or does the wonder of the time of year simply change as we get older?’

Ok, so there are some things I miss like a really good Christmas song in the charts – you know something like ‘Ernie, he drove the fastest milk cart in the west’ (#1 1971). I was surprised that this was a Christmas hit but then a look at the charts from 1952 and there have only been 12 Christmas themed number 1 records. So why do I think there must have been more than that? Might it be that I harken after something that never really was; did it ever snow for Christmas, did I really just get socks, was the turkey always burnt – I suspect not!

So, with the season about to be launched on us – for those living in Ilchester don’t miss the ‘Step into Christmas’ events of 7th December detailed elsewhere. With the season about to be launched on us I have set myself a ‘resolution’ that this year I am not going to worry about what did or did not happen Christmases past but what might be of this Christmas; who I might get in touch with, especially if they may be on their own. I am going to look to this year’s carols, Christmas fairs, to this year’s lights and lanterns. I am going to seek to buy locally grown and farmed produce to keep the carbon miles down and support my nieghbours.

I wonder if, in seeking to be in the moment of this Christmas rather than worrying about Christmases past or Christmases to come we all might, like Scrooge himself, discover the wonder of the season, the gift of God’s love come to us ‘one and all’.

Oh, and watch out for ‘Two Ton Ted from Teddington’!

 Blessings, Bruce

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