Time Slips BY!

‘Wow’ and ‘crumbs’ came to my mind as I realised the web site had been down for so many months. It was the usual story, an update we maybe should have kept away from until after we made a back up. Not applying a back up before meant, sadly the new update resulted in all sorts of lost things on pages. Thankfuly, subsequent updates seem to have rectified the glitch – I susppose that’s what you expect with new things, with complex and varied systems and change.

I many ways I can’t help but reflect just how that is for the journey of life! No one person’s life story is exactly the same and changes when they occur impact us all in slightly different ways. For some the ‘updates’ are just fine and maybe really positive, for other less so. Now, the software we use for ths web site is provided by a ‘developer community’. It is not a corporation, faceless and profit driven. It is a gathering of like minded, web communication enthusiasts, who, yes do this for a living – but they do it with passion – with heart and soul.

As we face changes, as ‘updates’ to our lives come along, the best way to address them is in community, it is with passion for one another, it is holding, caring, nurturing every member of the community. This ‘community’ is, of course at the heart of God in Christ Jesus, it is the driving pashion of the Spirit with us. It is why we begin the Lord’s Prayer with the word ‘Our’. We are called to gether, called into community, called in familiar relationship with one another and with the world about us. It is to care, to enable flourishing, it is equity of hope and possibility; it is to what Jesus reveals is the passion and purpose of God for all!

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