Are we there yet?

The Are we there yet?    We have all heard this on a long journey I am sure; probably wondered it ourselves when ‘getting there’ seems to take forever.

I found myself musing about whether Mary had these thoughts, or asked Joseph ‘are we nearly there’ as they trundled along the road from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Today, these are 95 miles apart and in light traffic down the  motorway it would take a car just under 2 hours. However, Mary was on a  donkey and the road was a bit rougher; we would be talking 2.5 days. On top of that Mary was heavily pregnant!

I suspect they may have taken time to get to Bethlehem and they had all the trouble finding somewhere to stay and then the baby came, followed by      shepherds, angels, kings – I wonder if Mary wished she had stayed at home or if she wanted things to go back to how they were before all the travelling and such happened.     

Mary’s journey began even before she was pregnant; it began with a leap of faith that God was present and would be present through good and troubled times. Taking the journey gave Mary the things it says she ‘pondered in her heart’. It takes going on a journey to have things to ponder on!

I suspect we all wish that in some way or other we had not had to take the journey the past 2 years brought to us; Oh, for things to stay just as they were! But things never stay the same, life is a journey for all and we never stop still in reality. I wonder if Mary offers us an example to follow, to be  people who journey, pilgrims on the road of life. If she offers to us the  possibility that, though the road may be rough and the journey long we can undertake it in faith, with determination and courage to the end.

For Mary, the trip to Bethlehem ended with a new beginning in the birth of Jesus. However, this was not the end but the start of her journey with Jesus. It would bring amazing sights, more things to ponder, joys and deep sorrows. But Mary never gives up on the journey, even as the dark veil of Easter descends she is still there as others flee.

Are we there yet? No, we journey on as all pilgrims do. We journey on seeking peace, justice, grace, love! As we journey we can take heart from Mary who shows us that the journey is possible.

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