Becoming A Little More Human in 22!

I heard an Australian speaker talking at New Year about what might become in 2022 for folks. There was much about resolutions, and a challenge to make your resolutions good ones,; good for wellbeing, health, for relationships, for being a positive example — especially to youngsters. One comment made me think when they said, ’there are 2 important moments in life; being born and working out why’.

I could not but help think of how we had just spent time celebrating Jesus’ birth and of how, between Christmas and Easter we are led on a journey of discovery into the reason why he was born  –  to be, in Hebrew Messiah or in Greek the Christ.  At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus, a human being like each of us and at Easter we see how he became Christ by offering his whole being to the purposes of God; you might say by being everything he could in his humanity he fulfilled all God called him to be.

Now, I will admit at this moment things started to spin in my mind, it felt a bit like sitting on a spinning roundabout. Now, I learned as a child to stop from being sick on a roundabout you blink for a moment and rather than a blur  before your eyes, for just a moment everything becomes clear and still. So I blinked, and I am pleased I did because I saw how simple this all actually.

It was simple, Jesus had offered his whole being that I might have the chance to become fully human  –  and what could be simpler? To become fully human, hmm I suspect that might take some time to work out; but hey I am up for the journey, I wonder are you?

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